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Terms & Conditions

Cancellations & refunds

Cancellation will be at the discretion of, and only if Bluebell Retreat Glamping is able to re-let the Unit/s will any monies be refunded. In exceptional circumstances if it agreed that the Units can be re-let an administration fee to cover reasonable administration & card processing costs of £40 for the cancellation will be charged.

Booking Policy

*Arrival time from 15.00 – 18.00 hrs. Late arrivals to notify Bluebell Retreat Glamping by email or phone.

*Departure time by 10.30am

*For a small addition charge one small dog allowed in Conker Cabin and Sleepy Hollow.  Dogs to be kept on a lead & not left unattended in a unit. Please keep dogs off beds.

* Included in the price all bed linen, BBQ, use of firepit with one barrow full of additional wood. Fully equipped kitchenette & shower facilities.

*25% deposit required to secure the booking. Final balance required 56 days prior to check in.

For bookings closer than this the full 100 % will be taken at the time of booking.

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions and the booking confirmation are intended to form a binding contract between the Bluebell Retreat Glamping and the Guest.

a) BRG is not bound by any variation unless agreed in writing.
b) By making a booking the Guest confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

BRG reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions in its absolute discretion and any such amended Terms and Conditions will become binding upon publication on the Company’s Website.

d) BRG will NOT be responsible for persons using the Accommodation, equipment and facilities or liable for any breaches of these Terms and Conditions by any such persons. BRG reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time if it is seen to be in the interest of the safe and efficient running of the service. If there is any inconsistency between the Terms and Conditions and any other communications through advertising, statements or comments on media sites our Terms and Conditions on our Website prevail.

All prices are charged in Sterling GBP, and must be paid in Sterling.

Prices are subject to change through on-line promotions. These are only available on certain dates through out the year.

Guests Responsibilities/Insurance

The Guests will be responsible for the safety, security and condition of the Accommodation and Equipment for the duration of their stay.

The Guests will pay for any loss, damage or theft to any of the Structures and Equipment however caused.

The Guests must report all accidental damage to BRG before vacating the Accommodation at the end of their stay.

The Guests will be responsible for any damage caused to BRG property.

The Guests are asked to use the Accommodation and Equipment with care and leave it in a clean and tidy condition on departure. BRG reserves the right to charge for any extra cleaning, missing items and damage. In the case of exceptional damage BRG reserves the right to require the Guests and their party to leave the Accommodation before the end of the holiday period.

It is the Guest’s responsibility to make sure they have sufficient comprehensive insurance against loss or damage to the Accommodation or Equipment. The cost of replacement Equipment or repairs will be quoted for and should be settled immediately.

Valuable items should not be kept in the Accommodation. BRG does not accept any responsibility for the Guest’s own Equipment when stored on site. It is the Guest’s responsibility to take precaution to secure and look after all personal belongings.

Every care is taken to ensure that the Accommodation are fairly and accurately described, any changes will be updated on the website as soon as reasonably practicable. Requests for further information about the property should be directed to BRG.

It is the Guest’s responsibility, upon arrival, to check the Accommodation and Equipment; if the Equipment is wrong or faulty BRG will do its best to rectify the problem and will require the Guest to speak to us immediately if they have any concerns. If we are not aware of your concerns before the last day of your stay, we will conclude that everything was satisfactory.

BRG will do its best to ensure the Accommodation are functional and suitable for purpose and of a reasonable standard excluding natural incidents expected from a glamping site including at times being exposed to the weather and natural environment, occasional power cut or water flow restrictions.

BRGs’ liability to a Guest for the total of all claims arising from their holiday is limited to the amount of the holiday rental. BRG has personal liability insurance.
Guests should not tamper with or move large items or any part of the Equipment and permission must be gained from BRG before suspending anything from the Pods, internally & externally.

Additional lighting, heating, cooking or similar items must not be used inside the Accommodation.

Power intensive electrical appliances, such as Kettles and hairdryers should not be used at the same time to avoid electricity tripping out. The Client will not permit smoking in the Structures.

Guests are not permitted to share occupation of nor to sublet or rent out the Accommodation.

BRG will not accept illegal or offensive activities on site and those causing a nuisance to other guests will be evicted.

BRG will not accept abusive or threatening behaviour towards employees or other Guests.

BRG may, at its own discretion, ban certain people from its site with justification given. A banned person will not be allowed to enter the site.

Only items and facilities approved by BRG will be allowed on site. Additional tents and gazebos will not be permitted without confirmation from BRG.

Guests must not bring drugs or dangerous substances on site.

BRG asks Guests to only use the wood chipped paths, woodland and meadow within the white chained areas.

BRG cannot be held liable for any personal injury incurred during the hire period, the Guest accepts that the site is pasture land and may have some uneven surfaces.

Guests are not permitted behind the Kitchen/washrooms to avoid any hazardous infrastructure.

For security reasons we can only admit people who have booked accommodation on to the residential area of the site.

The Terms and Conditions apply to all persons (adult and children) covered by a Guest booking or accompanying a Guest. The Guests are completely responsible for their actions and it is BRGs’ duty to inform them of rules that are applicable to them.


We have our own private parking near but not right by your Accommodation. Please let us know if you are bringing more than one car per Accommodation.


BRG reserves the right to withdraw or revise any bookings up until the time of acceptance in the form of a booking confirmation.

BRG accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies or misunderstandings arising through orders, instructions or information given to Guests by telephone or verbally unless confirmed in writing.

BRG cannot be held responsible for incorrect or incomplete information supplied by the Guest at the time of booking. Please notify us immediately if the details in our booking confirmation are incorrect.

All lead booker must be a minimum of 21 years of age and the majority of the party over the age of 20 years of age. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by responsible adults. All lead bookers must be a member of the party occupying the property and agree to these conditions on behalf of all members of your party. The lead booker will agree to take responsible for all members of the party including any payment default or change in personal circumstances.

A booking request from a single sex party may be refused. The use of the Accommodation for the purposes of a hen/stag party is not permitted.

Payment Terms

The booking is not considered firm until payment is cleared and a booking confirmation email is sent.

Payment must be made through the links on our website. All payments should be made in £ Sterling GBP, if making an international transfer the Guest must add any additional bank charges to the invoice charged by BRG.

BRG reserves the right to adjust the prices on the Website, to correct errors or omissions.

Cancellations and Refund Terms.

Cancellation will be at BRG’s discretion and only if we are able to re-let the Accommodation will any monies be refunded. In exceptional circumstances if it is agreed that the Accommodation/s can be re-let an administration fee to cover the Companies reasonable administrative and card processing costs of £40 for the cancellation will be charged.

If BRG is unable to go ahead because of unforeseen circumstances the clients will be given a full refund less a small £40 administration and card processing fee.

In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to cancel the Guests booking should there be insufficient demand overall for the accommodation at a location or for such other reasons as the Company think necessary. Subject to other provisions in the terms and conditions, if BRG do cancel the booking, the amount paid will be refunded in full and the Guest will acknowledge that the BRG have no further liability to the Guest by way of compensation or otherwise. We will endeavour to give reasonable notice should this be the case to minimise any inconvenience. We reserves the right to cancel a booking if the booking is made via a Company which is not intended to be the actual user of the Pods as to which the BRG shall be sole arbiter.

Noise – being considerate neighbours to each other and the wildlife.

We want all our guests to enjoy a peaceful relaxing stay with us. To keep the meadow tranquil and so as not to disturb the wildlife or guests we do not allow any large music systems (hand held speakers only) after 11.00pm.

After 12.00am the only sound that should be generally audible in the meadow is hooting owls and other wildlife and a low murmuring of our guests enjoying the sunset and some tranquil star gazing.

In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to ask your party to leave if there is repeated noise after having received two warnings and as you will have breached the terms of your contract with us, no refunds will be forthcoming.


Under no circumstances are dogs to left unattended in pods or on site. Dogs to be kept on a lead at all times & not allowed in the pond. Please bag up mess.

Logs, sticks and fire pit wood

We provide a barrow full of logs per night and kindling for normal usage of the fire-pit but please feel free to collect fallen twigs from the woodland paths. Please take care with the stocking of the fire pit and do not add wood after 10.00pm.

Under no circumstances are fires to be lit anywhere else within BRG and surrounding grounds. The water fire extinguisher is for emergency use only and only when safe to use. We reserve the right to charge £50.00 for any misuse of fire extinguishers.

The BBQ s work best with charcoal which is generally available at nearby garages and supermarkets. Do not attempt to dispose of hot coals or ashes.

General safety

All our Accommodation have a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are for emergency use and only when safe to do so. All properties are non-smoking and we ask that this includes the decked area around them. The Kitchen and washroom areas are also non-smoking

Please do not allow anyone to enter the nature pond for safety reasons and the protection of its wildlife.

Please do not attempt to climb trees or structures as a fall from a height could cause a very serious injury and we cannot be held liable.

Take care when using the hot water in the kitchen and washrooms as it does get quite hot.

Please use the remote controls provided to help illuminate your way to the washrooms during the hours of darkness. There are also light switches inside the Pods to turn the front porch light on and the rear flood light.

Please remember to keep the kitchenette and washroom doors closed on exiting as the wildlife might otherwise take up residency!